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"The Fountain of Youth!"
Cindy Ransom,
Naturopahic Doctor- Minnesota, USA

“My skin loves it.”
Connie Marcy, M.S., Nutritionist -
Connecticut, USA

“Never looked so good!”
Ellen Greenberg, M.S.
Special Education Teacher Connecticut, USA


Sample size jar: $75.00 USD
1oz jar: $139.00 USD
2oz jar: $249.00 USD


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"I am a Naturopath in Minnesota and am thrilled with what has happened to my skin by using Florencé for the past 6 weeks! I was at a health conference recently and my friends hadn't seen me in 6 months. Immediately, they asked me " what have I been doing to my skin that I looked so different in a very good way?"  Later, when I checked out a booth selling natural skin care products one of the owners told me I had beautiful skin and asked me to be a model for their products. She asked me my age ( almost 50 ), and her jaw dropped and insisted I model for them ( I turned them down ). A man close by overheard the conversation and told me he would have guessed my age at 38. Another man told me he was happy his wife wasn't here to see me because she would be depressed ...... I think  Florencé has bottled "The Fountain of Youth!"

Cindy Ransom, Naturopathic Doctor
Natural Health Innovations
Golden Valley, Minnesota


"I recently had the pleasure of meeting the creator of this wonderful anti-aging skin cream. I was in a meeting and Patrick was sitting next to me. After the second day he mentioned his cream and asked if I would try it. I, of course, snapped back, are you telling me I look old? I told him the name of this very expensive product I was using and agreed that I would try his cream as soon as I finished my current anti-aging product. One day I decided why wait? I started using Florence and cannot begin to tell you the amazing results I have seen. My skin looks and feels like I am a teenager again. I have this smooth, golden glow that I have not had for years. I can see my fine lines disappearing as the weeks go by. The only thing I am VERY upset about it that I did not meet Patrick years ago!"

Terri Chittenden
Marketing Support Specialist
Designs for Health


“I LOVE the skin cream!! It is like a miracle balm on my skin. The results are wonderful. My skin feels softer and looks healthier. It seems to have helped my redness around my nose and cheeks. I have also noticed an improvement on the wrinkles around my eyes and lips. They seem more shallow and less noticeable. I feel ALMOST confident enough to walk around in public without makeup. THAT is a MIRACLE in and of itself! This product is truly one in a million and I would recommend it to anyone."

Submited by a Florencé client of Mick Weber, M.S., Health Consultant.


"I love Florence Facial cream. In fact, my skin loves it. The first 2 or 3 days, my skin kept wanting more as if it was begging for nutrients. I kept applying it and my skin feels great now!"

Thank you again, my skin thanks you!!!!!!!!!

Connie Marcy, M.S., Nutritionist from Connecticut


"I have been using Florence for six months. It took about a month before people began to comment. Several ladies noticed that I look younger and it really amazed me! I have always taken care of my skin and used many good products but I have never found anything as wonderful as this product, Florence. It is truly the only face cream I will ever use now. It does everything I could ever hope for. It takes away any red marks, and it took away what wrinkles I had. My skin is softer now too. I will be 63 in August but look about 40. So, I thank you so much for producing this wonderful face cream. It is truly the best I have ever used! May God bless you!"

Mary Hornyak
Elizabethton, Tennessee


"I truly love my Florence skin cream! I have been using skin creams for over 25 years and Florence is unlike anything I have ever used. For me, it is like a cool drink of water for my skin. Rather than leaving a residue on the surface, Florence soaks in, hydrating and quenching my skin. It feels good and looks good!"

Gail Kuziel
Patient Care Coordinator      
Center For Esthetic Dentistry


"I began using the Florencé product a few month ago... In this short time I have already seen a huge change in my skin. I love the consistency and light fragrance it contains. This product not only has been working remarkably well for me, but has made a difference when going for my 6 month check up to my dermatologist. Three years ago I went through some major surgery of having a melanoma removed from my face. I have also dealt with a variety of skin problems throughout my years, and have tried many cosmetic skin products, and products that have been recommended by the dermatologist. I have to say Florencé works the best for me! Since I have been using it on a consistent basis, there is no need to use any other products. As my dermatologist put it in his terms during my last visit, "Your skin has never looked so good, whatever you have been doing is working well, keep up the good work!" This was the best visit we had, and left his office knowing that he was very impressed with how my skin looked. All I can say after hearing that comment made me realize I have certainly made the right choice of cream, and will continue to use it. I highly recommend it for anyone who is dealing with skin problems. You will have made the right choice if you decide on Florencé product."

Ellen Greenberg, M.S.
Special Education Teacher


"I worked in the skin care market (designer brands at department stores) for 7 years. I am quite knowledgeable of the ingredients that the skin care industry uses and I have tried most of the products on the market. I have to say that I was actually really impressed with the results I got right after I started using FLORENCE cream. People started commenting on the "glow" of my skin. I feel like this cream adds pure nutrition to my skin. My skin feels oxygenated and revitalized when I wake up in the morning. Florence is light textured, yet moisturizing enough. I love to use it around my eyes too, it does not give me any itching or irritation. My complexion is smooth, almost baby - like. I can use it as a night cream as well as a daytime moisturizer. I feel I don't need anything else especially after reading the wonderful "natural" ingredients in Florence. This cream is an "elixir" to the skin! Love it! Two thumbs up. I feel your cream does to my skin what a wheatgrass shot does to my body. Thanks!"

SILVINA CLARIANA Real Estate Broker; former cosmetic product training manager for Shiseido Skincare from Japan at Macy's Herald Square, New York City.


I really love all the ingredients that are in it. They're really amazing! I started using it and I really like the way it feels. My skin feels really nice."

(make-up artist to Hollywood stars)

* When asked what a suggested retail price for Florence should be, Margo said with
the ingredients contained in Florence, the product should be valued around $200.00.


"I can't tell you how much I love your product! My skin, which has always been dry forever, is sooooooo soft, it blows my mind. Now I know why I never buy moisturizers - they never really work!!!!"

Jody Weiss
President & CEO
Peacemaker Cosmetics


"I've tried them all - from the most expensive to the low cost drug store products. This skin cream is by far the best! All my fine lines vanished. The battle I've had for over thirty years with blackheads and large pores is finally over -- I won the war due to Florence. Any woman who wants to look and feel her absolute best needs this skin cream."

Tammy Marie Scott
Actress and Marketing Executive


"Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoy using your skin cream. I have been using your product for several months now and my skin has never looked better. I feel my skin looks younger. I have very sensitive skin but I have not had any reaction. Thank you for recommending your skin cream Florence to me."

Betty Shea
Educational Administrator


"Good Stuff!"

Donald Jolly-Gabriel. Ph.D.
Medical Clinic Director


"I recently finished the face cream you gave me to try and have been very happy with the result!

Lynn Maccubin, R.N.


"Thank you for letting me sample the cream. It is very pleasant to use. It applies quickly & easily - absorbs almost instantly. Makeup smooths over it well. My skin feels good - does not dry out during the day. My skin still feels good in the morning if I do not bother to wash my face before bed! I like the texture - not runny or heavy & I also like the color. No complaints at all!"

Mary Bales


"I am really loving your cream!"

Anna Kubien-Ben, R.N.


"Bravo! Finally a beauty cream that really works. Florence has much of the same nutritional value as the supplements I use everyday. Nutrition for my face! I'm fifty-eight with very sensitive skin. I have noticed a difference around my eyes, especially the dark circles - they seem to be lightening up. I keep my Florence in the fridge and use in the A.M. to cool and soothe the puffiness away - it feels so refreshing and clean and also makes my skin feel so soft. At night it cools the stress of the day and I look forward to putting it on knowing how much better my face will be in the morning. I have also discovered it is a cream that has a healing effect on those unexplained rashes sensitive skin can get. On more than one occasion I have used it for immediate relief of itching and burning from skin rashes. Wow! I'm not kidding! I am so glad Florence found me. I love it! God bless you Patrick. This is the beginning of a unsurpassable product!"

Nancy Lopez

P.S. - I have only been using Florence a few months and am excited to see
even more dramatic results. This just may be the fountain of youth for our faces.


I'm almost 70, and I've been using Florence for about 2 months. The comments from friends are astounding: "You look decades younger!" "Did you have a face-lift?" I look GREAT!

Carol Andrus - Writer & Speaker, President of Write on Target
Author of "Fat Free Writing"





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